Enamel over Eastwood self etching primer if panel is straight and no imperfections?

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    I’m restoring a ’77 Ford F150 and have had great results using the Eastwood self etching primer over my bare metal areas and I wanted to know if it is safe to paint my enamel topcoat directly over the Eastwood product. I had originally planned to use a polyester high fill primer to get everything evened out but my project does not need that now. Will the enamel (several coats) seal the self etch primer and be sufficient for long-term results or is there another eastwood product I should be using BETWEEN the self etching primer and the enamel top coat.
    Again, the self etch is ON the truck, so I need to make sure I either use the appropriate product prior to the enamel OR go straight to topcoat. I need minimal to no filling at this stage.

    Just need to get an Eastwood comment on this, as I’ve used it as my base product (self etching primer) with great results, but don’t want to make any mistakes from here before topcoating.

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