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    I purchased the Versa Cut because it was sold by Eastwood. Normally don’t buy products made in China but the fact that Eastwood was selling, it had to be good. I’ve had and used a plasma cutter before, a Hypertherm 380. Never had an issue with it doing the exact some as outlined below.

    First off the Eastwood model is underrated it will cut 1/2″ thick steel plate and do a darn good job doing it. I am in the middle of restoring a 1962 Cushman scooter $$. I need to cut off brackets, as gouging out or removing the welds. I can purchase some new parts, but I need to save what I can… otherwise I am making parts.

    The issue with the cutter is the torch itself, the outside plastic covered brass ring that holds the tip and electrode to the torch head. When you lay the torch on the metal to gouge or cut out welds the steel gets hot, and melts the plastic off that side of the brass ring. Its PC0003 in the parts list for the torch as found online. The since the brass is exposed, the high voltage for starting the arc shorts out against the work.

    Customer service is sending replacement parts but I am wondering if they are ceramic or like the Hypertherm metal insulated from the inside part with something that was heat resistant? Otherwise we are back to square one.

    The cutter itself is built nice and works fine, minor problem getting an arc started on heavy rusted metal but thats not a complaint. YES I used the angle grinder to clean a nice area for the ground clamp. Other than the issue above I like the plasma cutter.

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