Eastwood Urethane and candy Gun adjustment or tip size

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    :confused: I used Eastwood Urethane basecoat w/ candy and clear on a 600 Honda plastic fairings
    for a friend and could not control sagging in every separate stage and think I should lower my tip size.
    I plan to use the same system on my 85 Fiero soon ( If health will allow!) and I’m using a 14 then to a 12
    tip. Temperature was in the upper 80’s to low 90’s humidity was a little high, but not extreme.
    Turned out GREAT, but re-coating and lots of hand sanding to remove these sags between stages
    was time consuming and lots of work.
    Should I invest in a 10 tip size? This is a great product and has retained its color and shine very well!

    I’ve been an Eastwood customer for years, although have slowed quite a bit since my accident!
    I’ve purchase everything from welding supplies, metal buffing, lead working tools, and that’s never gonna change!
    I’m just a hobbyist at heart but not professional by no means, although I’ve been doing this hobby all my life.
    Funding is a major issue now, so to end this unintended novel, has this been an issue with other novices?
    Should I invest in a new gun, which I would love to do,with this tip size?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!:)

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