Eastwood Undercoat Remover

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    My first advice to anyone removing undercoating from a 35 year old car is, reconsider your position, and have the thing diped, but if you – like me are dead set on doing this yourself – and let me warn you this is a miserable job – you need to have this product in your quiver to complete the job. This is one thing in a spray can that does work.

    Removing thick undercoating is best done with a propane torch and a puddy knife, but there is always some left. You can either girnd it off, which is the hard way to go, or use this Undercoat remover and a 3M scrub pad, and a bunch of old rags, and get it down to bare metal in no time. I highly recommend this product. It “Does” work as advertised..

    Mopar 4 dr…..

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