Eastwood Tubing Bender (1.75" Dye snapped)

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    I received this tubing bender as a gift from my family about a month ago and finally got around to using it. I was doing practice bends on 1.50″ for about 4 hours dialing in the bend location with no issues whatsoever. We pulled the existing cage from the car and used the straight sections for test bending.

    After a good amount of practice we decided to move on to 1.75″ and on the second bend (25* degrees) the dye snapped on the 3rd pump. Have no idea what to do as I am up the creek in this project and have no way of finishing it. I prelubed the dye, wheel, and pipe before bending.

    Not really sure what happened, but I am quite upset as it is brand new and I asked for the Eastwood bender specifically as I have many of their products and love them. Kind of regretting my decision of going with an Eastwood right now.

    P.S. – Not really sure why they used Aluminum to make the dyes, but in my opinion that was a horrible idea.

    Customer Service, please help!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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