Eastwood Single Stage Urethane Paints

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    Hi Kevin,

    I’m currently finishing the body work on my 65 Cobra roadster replica and have been getting some of my products from Eastwood. I’ve been very curious about the new single stage paints, and wondered from a first timers perspective, is this something a do it yourselfer can tackle? I’ve done lots of little parts painting with rattle can, but never a full car. I even repainted a motorcycle a few years ago which turned out pretty good considering the rattle can paint was uncatalyzed.

    I just got a gallon of Evercoat Slick Sand (same polyester base and my gel coat) and a cheaper HVLP gun to do the high build primer surfacer when spring comes around, then do the block sanding. Hoping it goes well and I will take it from there.

    Can you coat right over Slick Sand with the Eastwood Paints, or do you need to seal it with a 2K Epoxy Primer? What about using the clears over this paint, is it really necessary to get that deep finish look, or is the single stage paint a pretty good finish that can be wet-sanded and buffed?

    Thanks in Advance. Oh, and here is a picture of my “project”:



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