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    Ok. I did something stupid. Need advice please.

    I’ve been stripping, priming and painting parts of my 73 Ford f100 over the course of several months. I’m stripping down to metal, priming with self-etching primer, and painting with Eastwood single stage urethane. With the exception of having to go back and wet sand a few runs and some orange peel here and there, the results have been fantastic.

    I spent the last weekend stripping the cab. In the door jamb there are body joints which had factory body filler in them. They had to be ground out because they were attracting rust and moisture behind them. Some of the filler was falling out on its own. After cleaning out all the body joints, I had the bone headed idea to grab some Rustoleum Rusty Metal Primer (oil-based) out of the cabinet and slather it into the exposed joints. I thought, hey it couldn’t hurt to just go ahead and coat the whole inside of the door jamb… places that weren’t rusty. So I did.

    After stripping the rest of the cab, I primed it all with self-etching primer… and on top of the Rustoleum in the door jambs. After a few minutes, I noticed two spots where the primer was wrinkling up. At first, I just figured that I must not have cleaned those spots well enough. After stewing over this for a day, I realized that it must have been paint incompatibility. Surprisingly though, it was only those two small spots that had this problem. I sanded them out and then re-primed them. The rest of it looks ok… for now.

    Now I can’t sleep because I’m worried about whether I should proceed with painting. Or if I should go back and strip down every place where I put that Rustoleum. From what I’ve read, the urethane paint is going to react where I put the oil-based primer and wrinkle up. But some people are saying that if the Rustoleum is separated from the top coat with self etching primer in-between, then it will keep them from reacting. I don’t know what to think. Please send me some advice. It was a stupid thing to do, I know. But it’s not too late to make it right. Thanks.

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