Eastwood rules – VENT against other powder companies

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    So, every order I have made with eastwood has been right on schedule and accurate (probably over 50 orders in the last year)

    VENT 1: Tiger Drylac
    On the 9th I ordered some yellow to match a corvette color from tiger drylac. Usually, I call on the phone, but did it online. They are located across town and hour and a half away. I’ve had the customers brakes at my house for 2 weeks now. When I still hadn’t received the order last friday, I called their customer service in CA, who directed me to the local office. They said their computers and phones had been down, but that it went out that morning. Here it is monday, and still no delivery. Its across town, so it should have been here by now!

    VENT 2: Columbia Coatings
    I’ve got a time critical job doing some candy purple. I knew about it well in advance and ordered from them, and got the powder. I got the brakes in today, laid on the chrome, then went to put the candy purple on. Guess what, its not candy purple, but there regular purple! (which is more of a violet).

    AAARRGGHH!!! Ever have one of those days.

    Oh yeah, I had a trash can under one of my cooling hooks in the garage today. I had used it to catch PRE that I had sprayed on a brake. I later went to hang a hot bracket, it fell and the trash bag melted to it. That and a set of mustang brakes I’m doing in starlight red had the fronts come out much darker than the rears and the matching valve covers. Need to redo those now too.

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