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    I am new to the Eastwood Forum and using Eastwood products. I am doing a ground up restoration of a 1951 Ford F1 pickup. I think I may have screwed up already in that I sand blasted the chassis, used self etching primer (I use PPG products on my projects) followed by the Eastwood 2K Ceramic Chassis Black. Should self etching primer not be used under the chassis paints?

    I am now working on the cab. I sand blasted the bottom, not to white metal, but tried to get the heavy rust off. I then used the Eastwood Rust Converter followed by the Rust Encapsulator. The top coat was the Extreme Chassis Black.

    I am ready to start the firewall and the sheet metal that is on the sides of the engine compartment. This sheet metal, and the underside of the fenders and running boards are very rusty. How clean should the metal be to make effective use of the Rust Converter? And can the Extreme Chassis Black be used on the firewall and engine compartment?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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