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    Can someone please get me some clarity on the product kits and what I will need compared to the content listed in the company’s elite, deluxe, starter kit. Then I have to add the other factor of regular Hot Coat Guns and the Dual Voltage Hot Coat Guns the website only has about a 45.00 price difference in the gun’s if you just get them and no other content. I have spoke with 4 different people at Eastwood and then 4 different explanations. The powder coating guns on the website are worded way missed advertised and when you try to get what is listed for that kit the way they (Eastwood Company) has it listed they tell you thats an error on that kit. So I pull another item number kitand that one they tell me is correct. So can a supervisor or someone incharge contact me at radams0974@gmail.com to clear all their errors up to where I can or will place an order. Someone needs to honor their kits the way they have them listed on the website or pull the website down until fixed. Some kits have the name of the kit and a broad list of contents for example it will say ( dual Voltage Hotcoat powder coating elite kit) and directly under that it says ( Hotcoating Dual Voltage Gun, 1/2lb blk powder and 3 powders your choice, accessories.) Then when you click on that kit it list all the content that are briefly listed on the ad for that kit. But it list a few tabs like warranty, review, accessories, contents well they said click on the contents tab and thats what you get for the listed price. But on the main listing to get you to look at that kit it has the same stuff under contents tab. But when it list the kit and contents then it has , accessories like I wrote earlier well when you click the accessories tab inside the kit and it says accessories when it list the kit. Well the accessories that are listed are all the product cleaning and rust stoppers are the accessories. Now they tell you that thoses are not included in the kitonly the contents listed, well when it list the kits it has , accessories but when you ask they say its not. Well I need someone that knows Eastwood and can assist with the price of the kits and contents at radams0974@gmail.com or call 2283138920 Robert

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