Eastwood No Weld Panel Adhesive

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    I wanted to use this material to fill a hole in the roof of my wagon. The hole is about 3/4″ Dia. from a previous owners CB antenna. I have welded patches all over my car but thought that because of the size and relative flatness of the area that a “NO weld” patch would be best. So, I bought a kit with the flush rivets and dimpler. Now I realize that the hole is too small to insert the dimpler. My question is weather or not this tuff is strong enough that I could get away with just the adhesive and no rivets? I thought that I could cut a piece that was 2 3/4″ Dia so there would be a full inch of ahdesive and mating surface all the way around the hole. I could also “jack” some pressure against the patch panel from the interior and load some weight against it from the top side.

    Well, how good is this stuff?

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