Eastwood Model 110 Blaster

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    I know I have asked before but I am still not clear. I am getting ready to buy the Eastwood Model 110 blaster. I have two compressors. 1) 5 hp 60 Gal. delivers 16 Scfm at 90 psi. 2) 2 hp 26 gal. delivers 4 SCFm @ 90psi. Now the question is am I better off hooking the 2 compressors together with a Y airlead at there output or would I be better off using the 5 HP 60 Gal feeding into the 26 Gal to give me 86 Gal with the 5 hp at 16 SCFM @ 90psi. compressor. Thanks for any input. Thanks Jerry

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