Eastwood Mig Welders AFTER Warranty?

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    IL. Scott

    I see you will Not reveal Who makes your Mig Welders, I am Concerned about AFTER the warranty Replacement Parts?

    Not the normal consumables, but the electronics inside say 5-10 years from now Were will I be able to Get Parts from?

    Or will I be told, “Sorry parts are not available”.

    I found the ongoing thread at WeldingWeb and someone called Eastwood Company and signed as Matt/EW is replying but no one there asked about getting replacement parts after the warranty is over.
    I am asking because I was looking at the 175 KIT unit, but am affraid these are China made trow away units once the warranty is over and something breaks inside ?

    I Know with a Lincoln or Miller I Will be able to get it fixed

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