Eastwood Hotcoat system problems

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    I purchased the HotCoat Sytem and was able to PC one (1) item successfully. I have tried five (5) times now with out success to get my powder to stick to any parts. My booth and racks are grounded to earth and my generator transfer switch, I have prepped and reprepped parts, pre-heated….and I have used a different manufacturers system with success.

    I am not getting ANY, none, nadda, zip, zero “blue spark” when I test to see if I am producing “power”. Since Eastwood only warranties this item for 30 days and I bought it a little over 60 days ago I took it apart, it buzzes when I depress the trigger, no spark…I hooked a voltage meter to it just for kicks…and depressed the activator button….it bizzes and the meter reads zero(0) on all settings… looking at the main transformer it is built in Taiwan and I can not find iyt on the internet to purchase a replacement. the local places try to sell me another Eastwood HotCoat system…umm no thanks…

    So has any one else run into this issue with the HotCoat system?

    Thanks fo rall who look and chime in.

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