Eastwood Expoy primer over After Blast

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    After Blast is advertised as – “after blasting or sanding metal, then paint, prime or powder-coat After Blast cleans, degreases and etches just-blasted or newly-sanded metal to improve adhesion for painting, priming or powder-coating.[/COLOR].[/COLOR]

    With this information, I DA sanded every panel of my ’67 Mustang down to the metal and applied After Blast as instructed (wiping off to dry surface with no puddling) This process took me 6 months of week ends and late nights as the car had to be stripped of 6 coats of paint. Before priming, I contacted Eastwood tech support to check on the process required to prep for primer. I was told to remove the After Blast with Acetone back to bare metal prior to painting because not all primers adhere to After Blast. When I tried to wipe off with Acetone the After Blast coating would not budge so I tried Lacquer thinner and aviation paint stripper – still the After Blast remained. I am now being instructed by tech support to sand the entire car down to bare metal again in order for prime for proper adhesion. I explained, the product is advertised to improve adhesion why would I sand it off. The answer has been – it needs to be sanded off because not all primers will adhere to the After Blast.

    I have read other posts that again mention wiping the After Blast treated metal with Acetone prior to painting and you are good to go. I am confused as Acetone does not break down After Blast and Eastwood tech support has instructed me to remove all signs of After Blast for proper adhesion. So I am told it need to be sanded completely off if Acetone dose not remove it. Even Aviation paint stripper will not remove the After Blast. Not sure why tech support does not know this? Not looking forward to 6 more months of weekends sanding down to bear metal again.

    I am a long term loyal customer and really need to understand why there is such a conflict in priming over After Blast.

    Please help me with this understanding. Is your Eastwood Expoy Primer suitable to be applies over AfterBlast which has been wiped down with Acetone. Please help me understand. You response is very much appricaited

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