eastwood epoxy primer cracking: your thoughts

Posted: July 2, 2012 By: KNGRAGE

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    I sprayed eprimer and surfacer about 2-3 weeks ago and I was just about finishing sanding the surfacer, when I noticed a small crack in the corner of the engine bay, there was a bubble up the entire corner on both sides(one side alot worse than the other), the surfacer is sticking to e-primer but the e-primer is not sticking to the body filler and bare-metal, I prepped with 80 grit, cleaned with pre, and applied e-primer 1:1.

    The rest of the car seems ok for now, I sanded outwards with a DA and it seem to feather out instead of flaking off.
    Eastwood have any ideas why this would happen…or any ideas of what causes this…would this be a solvent build issue…

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