Eastwood Dual Voltage Powdercoating Gun. Power Supply clicking?

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    Bought this back in June, and only recently started using it as I got an oven big enough.

    Seems to waste a LOT of powder on the lower voltage setting… much more than my previous HF gun..
    Yes, I check the grounding and yes, am pressing the activation button, and air is set at 10psi and double dried.
    Tried it both with and without the diffuser tip in place.
    Did 2 metal brackets and 2 valve covers in satin black and nearly all of my 2lb tub is gone.
    Sometimes on the lower 15kv setting, it makes a clicking noise from the power supply box.
    Then I tried the 25kv setting to put clear over a part, and the power supply box clicks non stop about 4x second when I hit the trigger button.

    I have called customer service 3 times now and despite leaving my number, no return call yet.
    Maybe this will get answered faster here…

    Is this normal or is something wrong with the gun?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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