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    Peter K,

    Thanks for the very generous kit. I was expecting a tube of toothpaste size sample. I want to apologize for not getting back to you sooner. Between the rain, work, weddings and getting a weekend where I could get the wife’s car; I had a few obstacles. Alright, enough excuses, I loved the products. The only thing I didn’t try was the yellow pad. First, I went after my ’96 Blazer because the paint is shot, just incase it was too aggressive. I’ll throw in a pic of one half of the hood I worked, but you really can’t see the difference unless you are standing over it. Then, I lightly went over my wife’s car, a 2003 VW Passat. The paint was hazy from waxing and needed some help. I don’t know if it was the camera or my photography skills, but the pictures just don’t do the finish justice. I am very happy with the products and I will be restocking when I run out. To date I’ve only used 3M’s finesse-it and new perfect-it. I like the new water based perfect-it, but for the price I’ll be sticking with the petroleum based. If Eastwood comes out with a water based line I’ll definitely give it a try. I don’t do a lot of buffing now, but having two black cars about to be painted, I’ll need some glazing in the future. I loved the “glaze and swirl remover” it wasn’t too aggressive, and having burned a few I’m always nervous. The “wax / polish” went on easy and covered well. I am still getting tiny beads even though rain and another washing. I would absolutely order these products for myself and recommend them to friends and even enemies (good karma). I will attach a few of the better pics. In the front of the hood pics you can see the reflection of a pine tree in the background. It is noticeably sharper after the application. These combo kits are the way to go, because for those of us who don’t know what they need, you can grab it all in one box. I’m going to need a new buffer hook and loop backing pad soon, and a new clay bar so I’ll be checking out the July magazine.

    Thanks again,
    Mike G.

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