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    Sorry guys…here comes another long one! 😉

    I had a customer that wanted his ’05 Mustang valve covers coated this weekend while he was out of town. No problem! He wanted them coated gloss black. Again, no problem. Well, yesterday he calls and says “I’ve got the covers off, but I would like them in that reflective chrome color.” No problem except that I’m out of that powder!!! I called Eastwood to find out overnight shipping costs….told the customer and he said fine if they can get it here let’s do it.

    I called Eastwood at around 10:30am yesterday morning. I ordered a pound of the single stage chrome and some PRE. Well, they couldn’t ship the PRE any way but ground. Oh well, next order. So the order was place at around 10:30am and guess what!!?? This morning at just about 10:45am the UPS guy shows up. Yup! He’s got my powder!!

    So, to whoever the lady was that took my order and to the guys/gals that shipped it…………………..THANK YOU!!! For just $18 I’m happy, the customer is happy, and I’ll be doing business with Eastwood for a very long time!!!!



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