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    I have the eastwood concours gun, use it to paint my cars here at home. so far it has been really good to me but use has taken its toll and am having issues with it.

    1. I ordered all 4 gun tips, so I have 4 air horns/caps. I clean them well after every use but not a single one can give me a good spray pattern, ive cleaned out all the little air holes I can see light through them clearly yet I still get a long teardrop spray pattern, fat and wet on one side and thin and starved on the other

    2. its leaking paint from behind where the needle goes into the front of the gun where the fluid cap is. I cant spray with it if I’m spraying overhead it drips paint droplets onto the surface. is there some kind of o ring or sealer that fell out?

    thanks in advance for any help and advice

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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