Eastwood Ceramic exhaust manifold coatings

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    I recently coated my cast iron exhaust manifolds with another company’s high temp (1300*) ceramic coating. For some reason, after having sprayed them and seeing the industrial gray, not the “cast iron gray”, I expected that the color may change slightly after curing them at 500* as the manufacturer recommended. Not so. I’m not sure I want to complete assembly with these ugly manifolds.

    I was lookinig at the TLC ceramic coatings Eastwood offers and would like to know if I could expect good adhesion to another product, provided that coating is strong and adheres well to the cast iron. The manifolds were twice blasted, baked, washed with Acetone prior to coating. I would again blast the manifolds to etch but not remove ( unless there is an adhesion problem) the first coating. I DEFINITELY don’t want to go with another “cast iron gray” that looks like a floor paint in a 1940s government manufacturing plant.

    Any advice?

    I also wonder why the catalog or web page does not show the colors of the TLC ceramic coatings and specifically the differences between Aluminum, Stainless, Titanium, etc. While subtle, I’m sure others will also fiind it very helpful to be able to see a thumbnail color squarae that we can enlarge and compare side by side to choose the right color.

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