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    I am fairly new to powder coating. I have a problem when I powder coat aluminum parts, they seem to chip very easily. Ex. I powder coats some heel guards on my motorycycle and when I went to wash my bike, about a week later, just the pressure from my garden hose took off most of the powder coat. This problem has happened to other aluminum parts as well. Here are the steps I take to pc the parts;

    1. Degrease the parts
    2. rinse with water
    3. wash with metal prep
    4. blow dry with air gun
    5. preheat the part
    6. powder coat as usual

    The finish comes out great. I follow the same procedure with other parts, that are not aluminum like steel or cast iron, and I do not experience this problem.

    Any reccomendations, am I doing something wrong or am I skipping a step?

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