Dyno Dons 1962 Bel Air…

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    😡 😡 This is one for the drag racers its a long read but WELL WORTH IT.

    Dyno Dons 1962 Bel Air… please help his daughter Cindy, retrieve it

    I received the email below, from Cindy Nicholson today and I am passing part of it on to all of you in the NHRA community with the hope that someone may be able to help her and her family retrieve her Dad’s 1962 Bel Air Race Car & Trailer. The letter below Cindy’s note to me is from the investigator retained by the Nicholson family to help Mr. Davis see the error of his ways in keeping property which rightfully belongs to Cindy and her family. Please pass this along.


    Hi Jackee.

    ………you are my best internet resource! As a last resort this letter is being released to the Drag Racing community in hopes that someone will help us recover my Dad’s last race car and trailer. This has been ongoing for some time and I haven’t alerted the Drag Racing community due to the scandal but at this point I have no other choice. If anyone address’s you with information about the car please have them call 949-743-3645 which will have an answering machine that I will update information on as it comes available. I will address any messages left for me on that number within 48 hours. I am also going to list an eBay auction for pictures with this information and the call number will have a telephone contact for Greg Davis(the person with the race car and trailer) if anyone would care to call him and voice their opinion on our behalf. Please spread this letter throughout the racing community.

    Your help is greatly appreciated!


    Letter from Cindy’s attorney.

    SJE Investigations
    P O Box 777397 (702) 407-0136 Office
    Henderson, NV 89077 (702) 407-0596 Fax

    November 18, 2006

    RE: Dyno Don Nicholson
    1962 Bel Air Race Car and Trailer

    Dear NHRA Members,

    My services have been requested by Cindy Nicholson Christie, daughter of “Dyno” Don Nicholson, to assist her in locating Don’s last race car, a 1962 Bel Air bubbletop and trailer (Black with “Russell” painted in red and orange on the side with “Dyno Don” painted in the corner).

    Cindy has given her consent to this information being disseminated to the NHRA community, in hopes of possibly acquiring some valuable leads.
    Shortly before Don’s illness, Don made a verbal agreement with Greg Davis, (a former crew member of Don’s) to store Don’s Bel Air race car and trailer. Mr. Davis agreed to store the car in lieu of payments that weren’t being made on a promissory note owed to Don by Mr. Davis.

    Cindy was advised in 2004 by a friend that Mr. Davis was moving to NV, at which time she called Mr. Davis and tried to make arrangements to pick up race car and trailer. Mr. Davis advised her that there was no rush and he would contact her when the race car and trailer needed to be moved. After months of no contact family members drove to the property and realized Mr. Davis and the trailer were gone. Upon Don’s death early this year, Cindy contacted Mr. Davis at which time he became unresponsive and could not be located. There were rumors that Mr. Davis was planning to sell the car.

    In February of 2006, I was retained by the Nicholson family in hopes of locating Mr. Davis and Don’s car. Information revealed that Mr. Davis was residing in the Las Vegas, NV area. I subsequently located Mr. Davis at his place of work but was unable to locate the vehicle. Further investigation proved the vehicle to be in the Riverside, CA area.

    At the end of February, Cindy Nicholson and some family members, made a trip to Las Vegas and confronted Mr. Davis at his place of business. At this time Mr. Davis did in fact admit the vehicle belonged to the Nicholson family.
    He stated there was now money owed to him for storage of the vehicle in the amount of $5,300 (Five Thousand Three Hundred Dollars). The $7,000 (Seven Thousand Dollars) promissory note owed to Don was still outstanding and not a payment had been made. Mr. Davis agreed to stay in contact and work out an agreement with the Nicholson family. Cindy and the Nicholson family returned home to California. Shortly following this meeting Mr. Davis again became unresponsive and would not return Cindy’s telephone calls.

    On November 12, 2006, Don’s Granddaughter Candace found the car for sale on eBay with a minimum reserve price of $100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Dollars). At this time Cindy arranges with a close friend to set up a meeting with Mr. Davis to inspect the car.

    On November 13, 2006, the Nicholson family contacted their local Police Department and filed an embezzlement report, at which time she finds a detective that will take the case with the understanding the outcome could still be a civil matter.

    On November 15, Mr. Davis agrees and meets with this individual at a single family residence in Mira Loma, CA (Riverside County). At which time, Cindy’s friend finds the car and trailer in a dirt lot behind a rural home. The car appears to be in good condition and is housed in the trailer.

    On November 16, 2006, the Nicholson family return to the residence in Mira Loma advised by local police in hopes of speaking with Mr.Davis. Mr. Davis is located at the residence but is unwilling to release the car and trailer to the Nicholson family. At that time Cindy offered Mr. Davis the $5,300 he had requested to pick up the race car and trailer and have her property returned to her. The police are subsequently dispatched to this location. The police inform the parties this is a civil matter and they need a court order to remove the race car and trailer from the property. Cindy and her family (Daughter and Son-In-Law) continued to maintain surveillance in fear of the car disappearing again until they could obtain a court order. They are approached by some local residents in the area, and possibly one that resides at the Mira Loma residence where the car is being housed. At this point they are advised at gunpoint to leave the area. They departed the area and called the police. Upon arrival, the police indicate nothing can be done as it would be a civil matter.

    On November 17, 2006, Cindy receives a Temporary Restraining Order and Notice of Hearing issued out of Orange County signed by Commissioner Walter D. Posey issuing property control of the car and trailer to Cindy until the hearing is scheduled for December 12, 2006. Cindy returns back to the Mira Loma residence, neither Mr. Davis, the car, or the trailer are at this site. The police are once again called and the occupants at this residence are uncooperative with the police.

    Cindy and the Nicholson family are limited in funds for attorney and investigation fees; therefore, my services at this time are being provided to the family at no cost. The family would like to explore all possible avenues of locating Don’s race car and trailer. I am willing to share my information with individuals that can provide further leads to bring resolution to this matter.
    The Nicholson family appreciates any assistance the NHRA community can provide.


    Steve Eggert

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