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    I have been playing with the new Dual Voltage system and while I was not expecting much, I was quite surprised by its performance. It seems to lay down first and seconds coats with out issue. Operates at a much lower PSI than my Caswell gun and is equivalent to or actually exceeds the performance of the Caswell adjustable volt gun, even though the Caswell is adjustable from 30/35/40/45/50kv, the EW gun is adjustable from 20/25kv. Very compact unit, I was able to mount it to the underside of my spray bench where it is out of the way of the other guns I have on top of the bench. I have question on whether you should be shooting first coats at the 15kv setting and upping it for subsequent coats , when I have always done the reverse, shooting first coats at the higher kv and lowering for subsequent coats. The switch on the front looks like a lighted switch , yet it is not lighted. So there is no way to tell if the system is on or not or if you are activated or not. I think it would be easy to add these features to the system. After becoming used to pedal operated systems, the hand button gets in the way when trying to hold a flashlight and shoot and push the button all at the same time, minor problem, but I like to have one hand free to turn the item or whatever if need be. This unit is very easy to clean and make color changes in less than a couple of minutes. I found coverage to be better without the deflector tip. While not a pro gun , certainly a step up from the original “Hotcoat” hobby gun. Well worth the money for entry level/hobby/do it yourself coating.

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