Dual voltage gun problem.

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    I just bought the dual voltage gun and noticed that the powder does not adhere to the metal parts I am coating. I have been using the gun for about 3 weeks with good results until today. I have everything grounded good, but also noticed that the illuminated switch at the bottom of the gun controller is not lit up. Is it suppose to be? I took the ground clip an d attached it to the frame of my oven and brought the tip of the gun close to the metal. I got no sparky. Any help would be appreciated. BTW, I am also a new member here . Been meaning to join for a while, and finally took the time today. I am a custom airbrush artist. I do art work on Harley air cleaner covers and other easily changed parts. I have found that the Eastwood clear is much easier than having to mix very small amounts of clear in the paint booth. Since I only do bike parts, it works out good for me .

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