Dual Tank Soda Blaster problems….

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    Hello – It’s 2pm here on the west coast… after 5 on the east so NO customer service for you… Didn’t get a call back today after leaving a message yesterday either.

    Anyway – First real day using my dual tank blaster – Let’s see, the abrasive side hose blew out. The hose clamp broke while reattaching the hose…And the green control knob on the deadman gun broke off. Also the screw bolt holding the red handle on fell out and was stripped.

    Oh and because this thing clogs up a lot – even with fresh desiccant, the nozzle threads are all messed up from repeated removal.

    All in 1 day. I’m ready to take the blaster out to the dumpster and throw it in.

    Let’s see, I need a new hose, new soda knob, new nozzle, and a day of frustration back.

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