Drip rail / door gutter prep and paint

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    What is the normal procedure to clean, prep, prime and paint the inside surfaces of the drip rails on a 39 Chevy sedan ?
    I searched the web and found many descriptions including epoxy primer and paint with a brush / swab, detail gun ….on and on. One thing I can see is there is no way to spray in there very good when painting the car proper. That one vertical surface that faces the body is only accessible from the opposite side of the car, and even then not very well. It would require 8 foot arms or a very funny looking “180 degree” gun.:p Also see mention of a “Seam Sealer” being used. Is this to just create a gentle fillet in the rail to create a more accessible surface for painting ? ? or, to completely fill and blend the gutter into the roof profile ? (as I saw on another forum).
    May or may not get blasted, might just wire wheel / sand well for initial prep.

    Any and all tips / techniques sincerely welcomed.

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