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    I am looking for ideas to operate a bell when the front door to my shop opens.
    My shop was a gas station from 1948-2000 and as a child I remember coming here to get gas or a tire fixed. My dad would always drive over the rubber hose and signal the owner to go out and fill her up.
    I know the original bell system was a Milton driveway signal that could sense the spike in air pressure when the hose was driven over. This spike in preasure rang the bell.

    Does anyone has an idea on how to rig this up so when the front door opens it will ring the bell? There has to be some sort of air switch avalible or maybe a mat by the door (invisioning a saftey switch mat for industrial machines) that could be used.

    I really think this would be neat to have, I just don’t have the vision right now to find a solution to make it work. Can anyone help??? Thanks

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