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Posted: March 12, 2013 By: 1980indyta

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    The passenger side door on my 1980 Trans am is rusting through at the bottom, so i found another good door and i stripped it today with Kleen strip it worked ok, i finished what it left behind with the DA and some 80 grit. I got the door down to bare metal and it had filler in about 3 places no rust holes but dings with tiny rust pits forming around them, i shot some rattle can gray primer on the bare metal just to keep it protected until i figure out which primer i need.

    I am including a few links to the pictures below, can someone explain the steps of primer,filler, and paint ?? I am thinking i need to take it down to bare metal again and shooting epoxy primer first, then filling the dings with filler smoothing that out , then 2-3 coats of 2K urethane primer blocking in between each ?? I am still debating on single stage acrylic urethane Cameo white or a two stage cameo white, is there anything i should watch out for as far as compatibility of the primer and paint ?? This is not a show car but i want it to have a nice paint job and last a long time.

    rust starting around mirror holes


    Rust pits


    rust pits


    Cheap primer


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