does this sound right? epoxy as final sealer?

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    Alright, so i have a 95 chevy S10 i want to eventually paint with Hot Rod flatz Hugger Orange. I have some body work to do, about 4 dents, 2 major ones.
    My bed is curently primed with some flat black Epoxy primer and the rest of the truck is factory paint.

    Im wondering if this is right:
    1)do body work and prime that small area with EW Epoxy Primer and Catalyst Kit Black(Item #51128 ZP)
    2)once all body work is done an the clear coat is sanded down, hit the whole truck with Featherfill G2 Buff from EW(Item #19782 ZP), sand and repeat if needed.
    3) Shoot the whole truck once more with same Epoxy Primer as in step one.

    Now from here, can I leave the truck sit for a few months and drive it around, or does it need to be painted with the base right away?
    the base is a single stage paint, so if i was able to let the truck sit and drive it around, would i need to sand down the epoxy before i spray the base?

    I can shoot my base over the epoxy right?
    and also, does the epoxy primer that i listed act as a good sealer or would i need to just apply a sealer for a uniform color?
    what sealer would you recommend rather then the epoxy if i shoot the base on right away?

    thanks alot, i know its alot of questions but i just want to do this right!! :confused:

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