does putting a primer coat on help w/ adhesion and hiding scratches, swirls

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    :confused: Hey guys,

    Does applying eastwood’s grey primmer not only help with adhesion for top coat but also reduce the appearance of fine blemishes in the surface(substrate) such as machined aluminum wheels being sanded down so that machined ridges do not show up…wheels are stripped of any paint and stripped to the bare aluminum…but there is swirl scratch marks where machined ridges have been sanded down for a more smoother surface…..just want to be confident after i outgas the aluminum that the surface will be smooth enough for a nice looking top coat after primmer coat is applied….need experianced advice ….was it wise of me to smooth out the machined areas of the wheel…or does powder coating fill in all the machined fine ridges on wheels…..thanks guys need the feed back !!:confused:

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