does eastwood Internal Frame Coating take paint well

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    After it has cured 24 hours , does eastwood Internal Frame Coating take paint and or filler well? I’m wondering which I should spray into or behind the panels/sheet metal wheel well rim/door corner to treat inside rust before I use the metal to metal and paint??? I have on hand rust converter, rust encapsulator, and internal frame coating. Have ground off paint, and old bondo out of infected areas, and now I want to treat the rust on the inside of the wheel well and door panels before I use any fillers.
    I like the idea of the long hose that came with the internal frame coating some I can get at rust inside I just don’t know if it is the right start for doing body work or should I use the hose that came with it on the rust converter, rust encapsulator cans instead?? These are small areas of rusted out holes in the front door corners and along right rear wheel well that I want to treat, fill, and paint!

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