Do I need to clear over gloss white?

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    Did a search (archives too) but didn’t find the answer.

    Do I need to do a clear coat over EW gloss white?

    I checked EW site and their gloss white doesn’t say a clear is required. I’ve got somebody that wants me to do some rims “either satin black or gloss white”.

    For satin and texture blacks and most solid colors I haven’t bothered with a clear yet, but I’m thinking for gloss white I might want to. I’m concerned about yellowing, appearance, and general durability.

    This will only be my second set of rims and I’m just doing weekend jobs to support my own hobby… I know, this is how it begins right! I do bargain prices at $50 per wheel, but I’ll want to do $75 per wheel if a clear is a good idea. I’ve done several candies (translucents) so I don’t mind doing second coats, just a little more effort.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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