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    My “project” includes fairly minor body work on an ’83 Mustang GT in preparation for an eventual paint job by an outside shop. I’m doing the body work (no rust issues, minor dent repair using filler, and some flexible bumper repair) myself and hope to be able to use rattle can products for initial checkout of the body work quality (contrast priming) and for protection over bare metal exposed (self etching primer?) during sanding. Once complete with this work, I’d have a shop do the final fine sanding, priming/sealing and overcoat.

    Do you have a recommendation for a rattle can primer product or suggest a process that should be chemically compatible with most final prime/paint products? I expect that the work I do would have ample amount of “cure time” before the finish job. I’m targetting a much improved look, but by no means a show quality job.

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