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    Jackson Ellis

    I have a 1990 Chevrolet k2500 and paint has been chipping off over the years and I finally decided to look into painting it myself. I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice as this is my first time doing something of this sort. I have been watching Eastwood’s videos on how to paint but I don’t really know if i’m missing anything. The biggest question I have is how much base coat should I buy, the truck is two tone and I couldn’t find anything on two tone paint jobs. I don’t plan to tear everything apart and paint every crevice but I do plan to refinish the body, bed, doors, and hood. I have also had a very challenging time finding places that match the paint codes (dark blue metallic, and light blue metallic, or WA9264 and WA9086). The places I have found charge around $150 a quart so i’d really like to only pay for what I need. I’m open to any advice, tips and tricks, as well as a good paint gun for a job like this. Please and thank you.

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