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    well, placed my first order with eastwood on april 10th, 2010. made the order online. halfway through the following week i hadn’t received any conformation about my order being placed or anything…just the money taken off my card. so i called to find out about it and they found my order and said it should be sent out by friday (april 16th) so that’s fine. that friday i get a conformation saying my order was shipped out but no tracking number (that’s fine to, the email explained things if there was no tracking number) so i’m thinking my order is on it’s way. the following friday comes and still nothing. so i call and get a tracking number (was told it was sent out) so i put the tracking number into the fedex homepage and no information. so i called fedex and they tell me that they havn’t received the shipment yet. they received the online order but nothing physical yet. so i call eastwood back and they tell me it should be sent out april 21st. alright. april 21st comes and goes, still no order, or anything being sent. so april 26th i call and find out where my order is. and this time they tell me it’s in customs (yes i’m from canada) so i’m thinking, why was i told it was sent out and provided a tracking number if it’s only now just getting to customs? needless to say it finally made it to fedex on may 5th. almost a full month after i order’d it. i’m picking it up from the fedex distributor tomorrow morning. (which is a month after i order’d it, only took 3 days to get here once fedex received it) i understand things go a little slower going through customs and all but the part that dissapoints me the most is how i was never able to get a definate answer on when it was being shipped out. i do alot of crossborder purchasing for many things and very rarely have they taken that long to be shipped out. dont get me wrong, i’m not putting down eastwoods quality products. i’m just posting / venting my first dealings with eastwood.

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