Different powders in a Hotcoat gun

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    Hey everyone, first post here. Looks like a wealth of information here, and i’m looking to learn about powdercoating.

    I don’t have a project car anymore, sold my 69 Camaro a few years ago. But i am looking to powdercoat an archery compound bow riser.

    Actually i plan on painting my bow black (blacking it out) but have the inside of the webbing and cams a powdercoated red. I guess it may be hard to picture it unless you know exactly what they look like. But this will involve both powdercaoting and painting the riser which will make it a little more difficult as to the order i should do this in.

    But my main question is with the Hotshot powdercoater, they don’t have the shade of red i was looking for. I was looking for a more translucent, maybe candy red color. Would the Hotshot work well with different brands of powders?

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