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Posted: October 30, 2005 By: gov2mod

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    I’m getting ready to get into powder coating and I’ve got some questions. What is the difference between the #10107 gloss black and the #10161 mirror black? I want to do an assortment of Harley parts. Brackets, mounts, linkages, etc. and I want them to have a high gloss.
    Since I’m working out of a small garage and winter (ugh!) is coming I’m also concerned about the temperature while powder coating. I’ve read about putting the second coat (when shooting a second coat over a base coat) while still hot from the first coat. What about when shooting a single coat? Is it advisable to preheat the part before shooting the first or only coat? I understand about preheating for the outgassing problem but I’m asking about preheating a clean part prior to coating. And, if so what temperature to preheat to or what temperature to let it cool to before shooting?
    What type of powders are the best for these parts? I see polyurethane, polyester, Fluoropolymer, and epoxy powders advertised. Would the urethane type powders be the best for my application?

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