Difference in Epoxy Primers?

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    I know this may be redundant, but I started sanding down my radiator core support and there are areas where I went down to bare metal and other areas where the paint was still good that I just feathered out. My question is what is the difference between Eastwood Epoxy primer (Item #51121ZP) Eastwood Epoxy Primer (Item #12785ZP) and Eastwood DTM Epoxy Primer (Item #50242ZP) I know DTM is “direct to metal”, could you explain the difference in the three to me and what product would best be suited for my application (bare metal with feathered in original paint) I would prefer to use one product to prime it all. Also I have some pitted areas from rust, if I wanted too, could I spray a high build primer over the epoxy primer or is it even necessary, and if so which one would you recommend.Thanks

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