Diamond Clear – Yes or No??

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    I’m currently using Eastwood Detail Gray and Spray Gray aerosols to paint suspension components (tie rods, center link/steering linkage, etc. ) on our 1970 442. I have a couple of questions about Diamond Clear Satin aerosol…….
    1) I am concerned that if I spray Diamond Clear on these parts, I may have some flaking issues later?? The instructions say to make sure I get “full coverage” on the parts, but as there are interrupted areas on these components (i.e., rubber boots, seals, etc.), I may have some “edges” that I’m afraid might peel up after a while. For this reason, I think I may just leave these parts with 3 light coats of Spray Gray. Does this make good sense? I want good durability, but a possible “flaking issue” really concerns me. What do you think?
    2) What are the real benefits of Diamond Clear? I’m thinking ease of keeping the parts cleaner or easier to wipe away grime, etc. Are there other “benefits” that i will be giving up if I don’t spray my suspension components with Diamond Clear and just leave them with Detail Gray or Spray Gray finish?

    Just don’t know which way to go……Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Harold:confused:

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