Diamond Clear instructions not available on the web site and I need them

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    I want to purchase some products. But, I need to read the instructions before I purchase to make sure I don’t miss anything I need to order as well.

    The instructions are not available on your website for these products. I tried Google to no avail as well. I need the instructions for these products:

    – Eastwood Diamond Clear Satin/Metal Surfaces Aerosol #10300 Z
    – Eastwood Aluminum Prep and Cleaner Quart #14107 ZP

    I called yesterday morning and spoke with tech support. He said he would email the instructions shortly. I several hours later I called again and had to leave a voice message. I called this morning and left a message as well. I tried your live chat and after 10 minutes it asked me to leave a message, I did.

    I want to give you my money! I need to place this order today! Please send me the instructions. I cannot think of anything else to do to get the instructions. Please help.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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