devilbiss starting line set and urethane primer

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    I have purchased the Devilbiss starting line primer and paint gun set as well as some epoxy primer, urethane primer, and urethane topcoat. I am not sure about which gun has the primer tip in it and which one has the topcoat tip in it. I looked at another store online that sold each gun separately and it looked to me that the all silver gun was the primer gun and the gun with the purple parts on it was the topcoat gun. I applied the epoxy primer with the all silver gun and it went on perfectly. However I mixed the urethane primer and tried to spay it and no matter how it seemed I adjusted the gun, the primer came out very splattery. So I am wondering if I used the wrong gun after all or if there is something else I did wrong. The urethane primer was quite a bit thicker than the epoxy primer but I figured it was supposed to be. Could you guys verify I am using the right gun and maybe point me in the right direction for spraying the urethane primer?


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