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Posted: October 12, 2005 By: ballplayer6

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    Quarter panel I need to fix a dent right on the center line rear quarter of an 1984 Camaro. The problem is where the dent is. Its behind the gas filler and from inside the car there is only enough space to fit two fingers between the panel wall at the dent and the wheel housing, so no room to swing a tool. I got a lot of the dent out by pounding a wooden wedge between the dent and the housing but the wedge won’t get the center of the dent out. Its right on the bend in line with the body side molding. The only way I can come up with, short of stud welding, is to cut a small a whole in the wheel housing and bump it out with a half dollar sized probe. Anyone have a better idea? What about pressing a piece of steel on the inside against the dent and bumping it from the out side? I’ll be painting the whole care so paint damage isn’t an issue.

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