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Posted: October 15, 2006 By: boneheadperformance

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    Just curious as to what most coaters are using to degrease items? We normally use PRE by Eastwood but at $10 per can it tends to get a bit pricy when going through a couple of cans per week. I did I test run on a set of wheels (after blasting a wheel I sprayed Pre and wiped with a t-shirt and on another wheel I didn’t spray any degreaser on at all) Pre baked both of them and the results came out the same between. Just curious as to what others are using (cheaper than $10 per can) and if every part you guys do are degreased prior to pre heating the item. Do you guys degrease and pre heat every item prior to coating? Normally we do to be safe but if the results would be the same we would cut back on some “steps” Any ideas would be great.

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