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    Got my packages from Eastwood today, and while I have been buying your products for the past 20 or so years, I still get amused that you rarely ever include full instructions with your kits. Unfortunately, I’m working on one of those “unobtainium” parts that I would really not like to screw up. The part is a rear windshield that has some small scratches, looks like little stress cracks in plexiglass in a 2″x2″ area. The scratches can be felt with my finger nail. The instructions on the rhodium label talks about the felt pad that is also included in the regular kit, but no mention of the green, orange, and blue pads for the deep scratch kit. I assume you start with the most agressive and work your way down. But what are the steps? How long for each pad and when do I know to stop? DA ok? what rpm? Since the damage is in a 2″x2″ area, how much overlap do I need in order to avoid distortion? Needless to say, I would like to get this right the first time. Thanks Allan

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