Dead Rat Flat Black Sanding

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    I am very new to painting so please bare with my questions. I sprayed my motorcycle tank and fenders with the Dead Rat Flat Black paint. I would like to spray the Satin Clear over the flat black. The black paint has been sitting for just about a week and will be needing abrasion before the clear is put on. My questions:

    1: Can I just wet sand the black paint, clean and apply the clear? Or do I need to wet send, spray a layer of black again, then clear?

    2: Since it is a single stage paint, wont my wet sanding the black paint cause dullness and scratches to show up under the clear coat?

    3: What grit sandpaper would you guys recommend I use for the black paint before the clear. I do have a couple speckles of dust in the paint right now, and the paint has a sort of texture to it which I think the wet sanding would help with. Am I correct or is the paint supposed to have a texture to it?

    Thank you very much for your time,

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