damp powder?

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    I store my powder in my garage where it stays pretty cool. Lately I have been having problems with everything I shoot – orange peel, pinheads,… – I haven’t had anything turn out. It is very humid here in northern MN. I noticed when I filled my gun cup that the powder didn’t seem as “dusty” as I poured it in the cup, usually I have to pour very slowly as it produces a dust cloud if I pour too fast, it’s not doing that as much now.
    Is my powder messed up from humidity? If so is there a way to dry it? would putting it in the fridge help? Should I buy new powder?
    I’m pretty desperate to get things to turn out again or I’m basically out of business, not only that I can’t finish my Harley!!!
    When I first started powder coating everything turned out, and all my powder was new, that’s what’s got me wondering what the he.. is going on.
    Please help
    Thanks in advance

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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