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    So I get this email and I reply, you guys might get a chuckle out of this. Some people just have no idea what is involved in the powder coating process. Here is the email and replies:
    It started with this submission on my website:
    “How much to clean,polish, and powder coat 1982–Yamaha
    XJ1100? Email only.”
    And then the replies:

    The whole bike? I need a few more details on what it is that needs to be
    coated and what colors. If you can forward a pic of the bike and or
    parts needing coating I can get you an estimate for them.

    Yeah man, I know it sounds kinda weird and I may not be able to afford
    what I’d like to do but I’d like to do the entire bike–the pics are
    attached. Basically, everything chrome or that is supposed to look like
    chrome I’d like to do in a reflective chrome finish–so it looks super
    shiny; the frame and other parts that are now black, I’d like to go back
    with black. If you haven’t tackled such a chore, it would be a good way
    to show off your work 🙂 and the possibilities that exist!!!! jimmy

    I can certainly handle your coating needs. I would need to see each part
    that you require coating to be able to give you an accurate estimate. I
    can easily see this job in the $750-$1000 range. I do the coating for
    JIMMS motorcycle restoration here in town, mostly on 79-82 honda CBXs
    and it runs in this price range. All parts would need to be disassembled
    and as clean as you can get them to avoid additional prep charges. All
    the chrome parts would require a 2 step chrome/clear coat process and I
    just received a new chrome/clear to test and evaluate from one of my
    suppliers that seems to retain the “pop” the chrome has by itself, while
    the other chromes lose some “pop” once the clear is added. I look
    forward to handling your coating needs and hope this estimate fits your

    I really do not have the expertise or the time to disassemble and clean
    the parts so I would need the entire process handled. My budget for the
    job is $500 but I could possibly go the $750 price if I could spread it
    over a two month payment. Would you be interested in doing it for that?

    If disassembly and assembly is involved theres no way I could do it in
    that price range. Good luck with your project. Thanks,

    Alright man, thanks!


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