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Posted: February 13, 2013 By: ct66gto

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    Hey gents (+/or ladies, as case may be),

    Is it possible to modify an order placed just minutes ago?

    Lookin’ for a bit o’ mercy here. I just placed an order for Eastwood Rust Converter, based on everything I read (and I read EVERYthing!) on the website.

    Then, AFTER placing the order, I happened across the sticky (here, not on the general webiste or page for the Rust Converter) titled “Proper Usage of Eastwood Products.

    Thats when I saw this “Rust Converterworks great over heavy-scaly rust. This product chemically converts rust to a paintable, inert surface that must be top-coated. Do not apply to clean metal – this product needs rust to work. Perfect for rusty frames, floor pans, battery trays, and other heavily rusted areas. For ultimate rust protection, we recommend top-coating Rust Converter with Eastwood Rust Encapsulator.”

    I am restoring wheels to a 1966 GTO and have gone hog-wild on them with wire brushes, etc. so that, while there are large portions of bare metal, there are the inevtiable fine cracks and recesses where nothing will go to remove the rust.

    Unfortunately, NONE of those areas (or the amount of residual rust) warrants using Rust Converter, based on the above.

    However, it does appear that Rust Dissolver is in fact what I require . . .

    “Rust Dissolver is a gentler rust remover than Fast Etch. It penetrates deep into the metal dissolving the rust in a few hours. Works as longs as the surface is wet. For vertical surfaces, use Rust Dissolver Gel. Rust Dissolver leaves metal ready to paint, plate or powder coat. So gentle, it’s suitable for engine parts and is harmless to copper, brass, aluminum, solder, lead, plastic, rubber, seals, wood, and vinyl. Will not remove paint that is in sound condition.”

    So, I am hoping if I call y’all at 8am sharp tomorrow I might be able to rectify what amounts to a deficit of knowledge (at the time of web purchase).

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