Customer Service not Responding..Looking for answers here.

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    Hopefully I can get my problem addressed here. Since mid Dec I have sent emails to Eastwood Customer Service twice addressing a few issues…

    1. My Eastwood auto darkening welding helmet no longer darkens to required settings. Unfortunately I realized this while I was welding. The helmet initially worked great however over time slowly started getting lighter and lighter and would flicker occasionally. So after a few flash burns it is now to the point that I can no longer use it. This occurred (of course) mid project so I had to run out and buy another helmet so I could finish.

    2. I have the Eastwood TIG 200. It quit working a little while back and was quickly replaced under warranty…That was great. However the regulator I received with the new welder has a slow leak from the internals. Once again I unfortunately found out about the leak mid project when my gas was going much to quickly. Luckily I have another welder and was able to use the reg from that one.

    3. I have the Eastwood MIG 175. Works great and I have used it on a number of projects with both MIG and Flux COre but I have been having some trouble with the wire feed…It is very inconsistent. At initial trigger pull the wire will begin to feed at a good speed for about 1~2 seconds and then slows down. This does not occur all the time but when it does it makes it difficult to maintain consistent welds.

    Appreciate any feedback on the above.


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